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Demi Permanent

Demi permanent

Your hair color is one of your most defining features. Changing your hair color can provide an instant transformation and update your whole look. The best way to experience the world of hair coloring is to let the experts take control and book a salon coloring treatment for a professional finish. No more streaks, no […]



Although fashions come and go, hair that is silky, smooth and straight will always be a look that is in demand. Perfectly straight hair reflects the light and appears shiny and healthy. Straightened hair can also appear longer once any waves or curls are smoothed out, so it’s no wonder that straightening treatments and products […]

Simply Smooth

Simply smooth

Would you like to have beautifully smooth, frizz-free hair that lasts for weeks? Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment is an amazing salon treatment that can put an end to the chore of daily frizz-taming. Using naturally derived keratin from human hair and botanical extracts, Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment strengthens and restores the hair to leave it […]



For the ultimate in elegance, you cannot beat a stylish ‘updo’ hairstyle. Whether it’s for a wedding, a prom, a party, or any occasion where you want to look fabulous, an updo will add a touch of class to your appearance.

So Cap Hair


Do you admire the long flowing tresses of celebrities and supermodels? Luscious, full bodied, textured hair that falls to waist length is often the result of clever hair extensions. The good news is that almost anyone can now achieve this look, thanks to the growing availability of hair extension services that were previously only the […]



As a therapy, massage dates back to ancient civilizations as far as 700 BC, when it was used by Chinese physicians. Evidence of massage has been discovered throughout the ages from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and all over the world. There are now over 80 recognized modalities of massage available, which means there is a […]

Full Highlights

Full Highlights

Did you know that natural blonde hair makes up only 2% of the world’s population? Only this tiny minority can truly call themselves natural blondes, although the number of artificial blondes on the planet is considerably larger!

Hair coloring at Novita Salon in Cambridge, Ma

Hair coloring

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Women hair cut at Novita salon and spa of Cambridge, Ma

Hair Cut

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