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Demi-Permanent – At Novita Solon and Spa in Cambridge

Demi permanentYour hair color is one of your most defining features. Changing your hair color can provide an instant transformation and update your whole look. The best way to experience the world of hair coloring is to let the experts take control and book a salon coloring treatment for a professional finish. No more streaks, no more splatters on your bathroom floor – just relax in a comfortable salon chair and let our colorists work their magic.

There are many types of hair coloring treatments available, with varying degrees of permanence. One of the benefits of hair coloring is that no treatment is lifelong permanent, which means you can enjoy experimenting with your hair color without worrying about long term change.

Demi-permanent describes hair color that lasts around six weeks, making it a longer lasting alternative to semi-permanent colors that only last for a few washes. Being demi-permanent, this means it is not as long-lasting as permanent color, which remains until the hair grows out. This means demi-permanent hair color is a great option for those wanting to try a new look without the long term commitment.

A demi-permanent color will gradually fade over a few weeks, so you won’t see an obvious regrowth line when your new roots appear. Due to its chemical composition, demi-permanent color with not lighten your hair, but it can enhance your natural color – whether you want to add warmer tones or a darker shade, from subtle changes to a more dramatic effect. It also offers good gray coverage for those wishing to maintain their current hair color.

As it contains no ammonia, demi-permanent hair coloring is less damaging for your hair than permanent color. It results in a glossy, healthy-looking color which will gradually fade over time. This makes demi-permanent an ideal option for those who wish to color their hair but are concerned about the potential damage of using permanent color.

A new hair color can revitalize your appearance and really enhance a great hair cut. There is a good reason why many people change their hair color when they are experiencing life changing events – your hair forms part of your identity. It is important to ensure your hair color reflects your personality and style, and the beauty of demi-permanent hair coloring is that you don’t need to wait for your hair to grow out if you change your mind!

With such a vibrant range of shades and tones at your disposal, it can be difficult to know where to start. Rest assured that the talented team at Novita Salon and Spa our demi-permanent specialist in Cambridge  take pride in their client care and are happy to provide a no-fee consultation to discuss your hair coloring preferences and the options that are available to you. From subtle color enhancements to more obvious color changes, demi-permanent coloring can be a great way to makeover your image. Live your life in color and explore the possibilities!

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