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Facial Cambridge– Improve Your Skin Tone and Texture

Facial Cambridge
What is your most noticeable body part? It is actually your face – usually the first thing someone sees when they look at you. The condition of your facial skin is therefore a vital part of your appearance, which is why it needs to be treated with special care. Facial skin can be sensitive and works in a delicate state of balance, which can be easily upset. It is under constant attack from harsh environments, pollutants, UV rays, chemicals and many other aggressors that can take their toll on the skin. Without tender loving care, our skin can become dull and suffer from a range of skin conditions. From zits to wrinkles, stress can play havoc with our skin.

Regular facial Cambridge can improve skin tone and texture, resulting in soft, smooth skin that radiates health. Using facial Cambridge skincare products tailored to your specific needs, the skin can be deeply cleansed and nourished, improving hydration and rejuvenating its appearance. Through facial Cambridge massage, circulation is increased, which improves cellular regeneration and encourages a brighter complexion. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, revealing healthier looking, more youthful skin.

Deep cleansing is essential for facial skincare at facial Cambridge. Cleansing should be part of your daily skincare routine and is crucial if you wear make-up every day. The golden rule of facial Cambridge is to always stick to the ‘double cleanse’ – the first cleanse removes make-up, the second actually cleanses your skin. Adhering to this routine will help to keep your skin in good condition, however all skin types can benefit from regular facials at a facial Cambridge salon.

Professional salon facial Cambridge therapy can deliver results that are not achievable with home skincare products. Trained Estheticians at facial Cambridge are able to target specific problem areas and use specialist products and equipment that can significantly improve skin condition.

Enjoying salon facial Cambridge treatment is not only about science, it is also important to acknowledge the relaxation benefits. A blissful facial Cambridge is one of the most indulgent pleasures in life, allowing you to relax on a couch and enjoy some seriously luxurious pampering. Let your worries drift away, as massage relaxes the mind as well as tense muscles. Stress is known to be a major contributor towards up to 80% of illnesses, so in our busy lives it is important to find time for regular relaxation at facial Cambridge. Regular facial Cambridge treatment at can be an enjoyable way of treating yourself to some relaxation, as well as treating your skin.

At the Novita Salon and Spa, we offer a range of facials designed to treat all skin types, using Dermalogica skin care products. Our clients love the results from Dermalogica facials, so whether your concern is anti-ageing, dry skin, breakouts or sensitivity, our trained Esthetician at facial Cambridge will conduct a full consultation to discuss your individual needs and tailor your facial accordingly.

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