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Full Head Hair Highlights in Cambridge, MA

Full Head Hair Highlights CambridgeDid you know that natural blonde hair makes up only 2% of the world’s population? Only this tiny minority can truly call themselves natural blondes, although the number of artificial blondes on the planet is considerably larger!

Blonde hair can represent youthfulness – so it makes sense that, in a society that is increasingly pre-occupied with anti-ageing, blonde hair coloring is always number one in the popularity stakes at the salon. Do blondes have more fun? Who knows, but they certainly attract attention and the popularity for blonde locks shows no sign of abating.

To achieve natural-looking blonde hair, full highlights can create a multi-tonal effect that uses different shades of blonde to lighten your hair. In theory, almost anyone can become a blonde, but careful consideration should be taken before making the leap from extremely dark hair to platinum blonde. Professional advice is strongly recommended, as qualified colorists will understand what shade will suit your natural coloring and it may be necessary to lighten your hair in stages.

Always pined for that blonde bombshell look? Highlights are a great way of adding blonde accents to your hair, whether you’re already blonde and wish to go lighter, or simply to add blonde tones to darker colored hair. Highlights can be added in partial sections or throughout the whole head of hair, which is known as full highlights.

Full highlights are a way of gradually lightening your hair from dark to blonde. You can begin with subtle caramel and golden tones and build up to a much brighter blonde if necessary. Care must always be taken to protect your hair when using powerful hair colorants and it is not possible to achieve professional-looking full highlights with a home kit. A trained colorist can work with your hairstyle to create natural-looking full highlights that fall into place with your hair, highlighting those areas that naturally lighten in the sun for a convincing look.

Full highlights require regular maintenance to ensure the color stays looking fresh and fabulous. On average, full highlights will require a root touch up every few weeks. It is also advisable to use color-protecting hair products to maintain the vibrancy of your full highlights.

Forget 50 shades of gray, there are probably more like 50 shades of blonde when it comes to the varied range of colors available. It is said there is a shade of blonde to suit almost anyone, from darker caramel tones to the platinum blonde look favored by Marilyn Monroe. Choosing the right shade of blonde to complement your skin tone and natural coloring is key to creating the perfect head of full highlights. Have fun experimenting with a rainbow of shades and combine several colors to add depth and interest to your hair.

Full highlights can transform your hair from bland to blonde. If you always wondered how you would look as a blonde, why not book a no-fee consultation with the Novita Salon and Spa to discuss adding full highlights to your hair. Unleash your inner blonde!

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