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Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment – in Cambridge Ma

Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment
Would you like to have beautifully smooth, frizz-free hair that lasts for weeks? Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment is an amazing salon treatment that can put an end to the chore of daily frizz-taming. Using naturally derived keratin from human hair and botanical extracts, Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment strengthens and restores the hair to leave it feeling soft, shiny and beautifully conditioned.

With effects lasting up to 15 weeks, it offers a long-lasting solution that really works. Why spend hours taming and grooming your hair each morning when you can simply wash and go? It is difficult to put a price on convenience and some precious extra sleep time in the morning! Not to mention all those expensive hair products that you need to slick your hair into submission every day. And you can forget worrying about the weather – Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment ensures your hair stays smooth regardless of the humidity.

At Novita Salon and Spa our specialist Susan O’connell is the best in Cambridge when it comes to simply smooth keratin treatment. Lets begin with a question what is keratin? It is a natural protein found in the human body, including hair. When the hair is under attack from harsh chemicals or environmental aggressors, its keratin levels are depleted, resulting in dry, brittle hair that is prone to frizz. Keratin is therefore vital for healthy hair.

Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment uses only the purest, premium quality keratin that nourishes and restores each individual hair from within. Keratin sourced from human hair is naturally more compatible and allows it to penetrate deep into the hair, smoothing the cuticle and reconditioning each strand. Unlike some other straightening treatments, Simply Smooth products will gradually leave your hair over time, so there will be no obvious regrowth line at the roots.

Using the finest natural ingredients, Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment promises to treat your hair to the ultimate in TLC. With no chemicals or animal-derived ingredients, you can rest assured that your hair is being pampered with pure, nourishing extracts that will leave it silky smooth, shiny and conditioned from root to tip.

As a temporary smoothing solution, Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment will not damage your hair. All its products are formaldehyde-free, ensuring a gentle conditioning experience that will strengthen and repair your hair. Natural botanical extracts from apple pulp and vanillin leave hair feeling healthy and looking fabulous. The treatment is gentle enough to be used on all hair types – even hair that is already chemically treated with colors, relaxers or other keratin products.

Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment Cambridge salon offers a range of options for hair smoothing solutions. The Simply Smooth Original Formula is a professional salon treatment, which delivers the strongest and longest-lasting results. A Mini Xpress Keratin Treatment is a more temporary smoothing treatment that is available from Simply Smooth, which lasts around 30 days. There is also a Color Lock Treatment and a range of home care products specially designed to maintain your treatment and prolong its benefits for as long as possible.

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