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Straightening treatment – At Novita Salon in Cambridge MA

Straightening Treatment
Although fashions come and go, hair that is silky, smooth and straight will always be a look that is in demand. Perfectly straight hair reflects the light and appears shiny and healthy. Straightened hair can also appear longer once any waves or curls are smoothed out, so it’s no wonder that straightening treatments and products are hot property.

Straightening irons provide a temporary solution but require daily maintenance, which can prove to be too time-consuming a chore for people trying to quickly get ready in the morning. A professional salon blow-out using straightening serums can give slightly longer-lasting results, but will only last until the next time the hair is washed.

Demand for a more permanent straightening solution led to the creation of salon straightening treatments. The two most popular straightening treatments are Japanese Hair Straightening and Brazilian Hair Straightening.

Japanese Hair Straightening – also known as thermal reconditioning or Yuko straightening – permanently straightens the hair by altering the internal structure of the hair shaft. The complex process takes several hours, but the result is poker-straight hair that will remain that way until the hair grows out. After around 6-12 months, a top-up straightening treatment will manage any new hair growth. The process originated in Japan but is now a popular treatment in salons all over the world.

Brazilian Hair Straightening – also known as Keratin Straightening, BKT or Brazilian Blowout – is another type of salon straightening treatment. Unlike Japanese straightening, it is not permanent, but the results will last for up to 3 months. The treatment works by sealing a liquid form of keratin into the hair, creating a temporary straightening effect. Depending on your hair type, it does not guarantee totally poker-straight hair, but most clients experience a complete reduction of frizz. Rather than changing the structure of the hair cuticle, it actually restores damaged fragments to produce silky smooth, conditioned hair that looks shiny and healthy.

Japanese Hair Straightening treatments are significantly more expensive in comparison to Brazilian Hair Straightening, although the effects are much longer-lasting. The question of which straightening treatment is best for you depends on your budget and hair type. Some hair types are not strong enough to sustain the heat and chemicals involved in salon straightening treatments. You should always seek professional advice and ensure you visit a reputable salon that is experienced in providing straightening treatments before going ahead.

Investing time and money in salon straightening treatments can provide outstanding results. For many, the time saved from daily hair straightening is well worth the investment. Clients who suffer from frizzy hair also find it liberating to be able to ‘wash and go’ without spending hours blow-drying and straightening their hair with irons. Sometimes the convenience can outweigh the expense, and straightening treatments offer a long-term solution to achieving silky smooth, straight hair. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up looking fabulous every morning? No more bad hair days – with straightening treatments every day can be a good hair day!