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Waxing in Cambridge, MA – Long Lasting Results

Waxing Cambridge
When it comes to hair removal, it is difficult to beat waxing Cambridge for long-lasting results. Hair removal is a fact of life and, for most of us, something we don’t want to think about too often. Waxing  Cambridge offers a hygienic and efficient solution to unwanted body and facial hair, with results that can last weeks.

There are various forms of hair removal, most of them providing temporary solutions to the problem. Shaving every day can be a chore, and depilatory creams can be messy and irritating to the skin. Waxing Cambridge is quick and not necessarily as painful as you might think! When performed by a trained Esthetician, waxing Cambridge should not cause excessive pain or trauma to the skin. You may experience a slight sting, but with pain comes pleasure and you will love the silky smooth feeling of your skin afterwards.

Waxing Cambridge offers many body waxing services

Waxing Cambridge removes the whole hair from its follicle – which means that, unlike after shaving, regrowth will be tapered and soft, rather than stubbly. Because each hair is whipped out, this means your skin can remain smooth for up to 6 weeks. With regular waxing Cambridge treatments, many clients find their regrowth becomes sparser over time.

Eyebrow waxing is one of the most popular salon treatments in waxing Cambridge and it is easy to see why – evenly shaped brows are difficult to achieve at home with a pair of tweezers. A trained Esthetician can objectively assess the natural shape of your eyebrows and expertly create a defined shape. Beautiful brows can be one of the most defining features of your face, so it is worth investing in professional eyebrow waxing Cambridge to maintain a good shape.

Whether you are preparing for the beach or the gym, waxing Cambridge gives you bare-skin confidence that lasts. With today’s hectic lifestyles, daily grooming routines need to be quick and easy. With waxing Cambridge, hair is dealt with quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to enjoy life.

Waxing Cambridge is not only for the ladies – in recent years, male waxing has seen a dramatic increase in demand. Most waxing Cambridge salons will now offer chest and back waxing services to cater for men who prefer the hairless look. Most waxing appointments at Novita Salon and Spa in Cambridge are relatively quick and can even be slotted into your lunch hour from work.

The results from professional salon waxing Cambridge are far superior to anything that can be achieved from home waxing kits. Salons have the advantage of professional equipment and trained staff that are skilled in the art of waxing.

At the Novita Salon and Spa, we provide full body waxing services in Cambridge, from eyebrows to Brazilian bikini waxing. All treatments are carried out with the ultimate discretion by our professional Esthetician. Our Esthetician will be happy to discuss the appropriate after-care advice to maximize the benefits of your waxing treatment. We only use the best waxing products to ensure your skin is left moisturized and soothed after any treatment. Smooth, hair-free skin can be achievable, so why not throw out that rusty razor and experience the benefits of waxing Cambridge for yourself?

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