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Spa in Cambridge MA – The Perfect Spa Treatment

Spa in cambridge maStress is an unfortunate, but unavoidable part of our everyday lives. From the workplace to family life, every day is filled with potential causes of stress to our mental and physical health. Over time, daily stress can accumulate and take its toll on our well-being  causing illness or imbalance. Psychologists believe that persistent minor daily stressors, or “micro-stressors”, can actually prove to be more harmful to one’s health in the long term, in comparison with major but sporadic stressful events such as divorce or bereavement.

Humans are designed to cope with stress; the problem is when the body is placed under continuous stress without sufficient relaxation periods. The body then enters a state of ‘distress’, which can manifest itself as a range of mental and physical illnesses. It is therefore vital to keep on top of our stress levels and schedule in regular relaxation time. A visit to a spa in Cambridge MA can be a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress.

Since 1999, the number of spas in the US has more than quadrupled to almost 20,000 across the country. As the stress of daily life has increased, spa in Cambridge MA as well as in other parts of the U.S have become popular outlets to visit for some rest and relaxation.

Novita Salon and Spa in Cambridge MA

While the spa industry has experienced a recent resurgence, the concept of visiting a spa in Cambridge MA is to improve well-being dates back to prehistoric times. Throughout the ages, people have ventured to natural springs to cure their various ailments. The term ‘spa’ derives from its origins in the town of Spa, in Belgium, which is related to the word ‘fountain’ in its local language, Walloon. Nowadays, spas such as spa in Cambridge MA have come a long way from a simple spring – offering a range of facilities and treatments to provide the height of luxury pampering.

Novita Salon and spa in Cambridge MA offers not only a relaxing ambiance. It is also the best place to visit to pamper yourself and experience all the relaxing treatments you need at spa in Cambridge MA from head to toe. At the Novita Spa in Cambridge MA, we offer a range of blissfully relaxing spa treatments to suit everyone. After a busy week at the office or juggling family life, what could be nicer than an indulgent massage at spa in Cambridge MA to ease away the tension? The Novita Spa in Cambridge MA offers all modalities of massage from sports to Swedish and our experienced massage therapists will be more than happy to discuss a treatment suited to your individual spa in Cambridge MA needs.

Spa in Cambridge MA Deals

Take time out for yourself by booking a relaxing Aveda facial at the Novita Salon and Spa in Cambridge MA. Let our Estheticians work their magic and you can leave the spa in Cambridge MA with glowing skin and a refreshed mind, ready to face whatever new challenges come your way. At our spa in Cambridge MA, our talented team is happy to offer their professional advice to help you choose the perfect spa treatment.

For over 30 years, our spa in Cambridge MA has been pampering clients from head to toe in chic and comfortable surroundings. The spa in Cambridge MA takes pride in our level of client care that ensures everybody is welcomed and treated as an individual.

Our Spa in Cambridge MA offers:

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Facial in Cambridge MA

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We also provide the following services:

Make-up Application
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